Friday, June 15, 2012

What Are the Homeless Reading This Week?

Lots and lots of Star Trek novels.  How anyone can be interested in the "lost years" of dull as year-old snot Riker (Riker?  A whole raft of novels about Riker?) from Next Generation is a profound mystery.  (My attorney called my attention to a scene in Wayne's World where Wayne opines that as cheesy as it was, somehow the old Shatner/Nimoy version was way better.  True as anything ever gets).

Victor Hugo--one guy is reading all of them in big fat unabridged editions.

Avengers stuff

Alien stuff, because of Prometheus, which I haven't seen yet, but in an interview Ridley Scott made himself sound like a real dim bulb by referring to Erik VonDaniken, that Swiss or Danish nit-wit who said aliens built the pyramids and Mayans built spaceships . . . even the most gullible SF fan knew he was worse than a hack back in the 70s, for Jebus's sake, so I'm pretty leery of the film and very sad, because I had high hopes.

Dickens (This is me, on my kindle; working my way through his whole oeuvre, as we sophisticated lit types say)

Sniper/Special ops books.  Kill Shot, total cantaloupe effect, dude.  Slide your K-Bar knife into the medulla and instant rag doll!

Books by people who've been to heaven, including that clearly fraudulent one by that pastor, Burpo, Heaven is for Real.  Shouldn't he be in jail or something?   It's really that bad and that evil.

Chick tracts.   If you aren't familiar with these, check them out.  Naked hatred beyond comprehension.  People dig them and pass them around at the Mission and burble and drool over them and have "discussions" about them.

Laura Ingalls Wilder .  (This is me again.  Look for a future post about this great American writer (Yeah, that Little House on the Prairie stuff.  Shut your mouth). 

The sports page.

End of the world stuff.  2012 stuff.

How to Win Friends and Influence People. by Dale Carnegie

An unauthorized biography of Lucille Ball


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